Financial Service  

Savings Banks were established in 1972 as local financial institutions designed to provide more convenient financial services for the working class and SMEs and increase savings

As of December 2013, savings banks have 89 branches, 33,521.8 billion won in deposit, 29,424.1 billion won in credit, and 4,397,897 customers. Savings banks provide deposit, credit, and supplementary services.

Variety of deposit products

Savings banks offer a variety of deposit products, including savings accounts with flexible deposit and withdrawal, term deposit for keeping a certain amount of capital for an extended period, and installment savings for regular installment of a certain amount of capital until maturity.

Range of credit services

Savings banks provide a range of credit services, including installment loans, general loans, bill discount, and comprehensive account loans. Different types of loans are available : financing a certain amount of capital at once with either one-time repayment of principal and interest at maturity or installment, or financing capital as needed at any time with line of credit. There are also unsecured loans and secured loans on third party security or real estate collateral.

Supplementary services

Savings banks provide supplementary services dealing with domestic currency(transfer capital to another financial institution or request of collection), safeguard deposit and valuables, leased safes, night safes, and utility bill payment.

Project Management Service

A case study, human network, and services that involve financial infrastructure owned by A22

A22의 PM서비스는 A22가 보유한  Case study,  인적 Network, 금융 인프라를 기반으로 합니다. 

Step 1 : PM Contract 계약 체결

Step 2 :  IM( Information Memorandum) 
              TC ( Term & Conditions) 
              Business plan presentation 사업계획서
              Corporate valuation report 기업가치평가 보고서

Step 3 :  A pearl link  신규사업 개발 
               Funding planning and execution 연간 자금 계획  및 실행
               Revenue and profit management  매출 및 이익 관리
               IPO planning