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Security Certification Code 'Ding9' Project (G2B)

QR code replacement Chinese code Dingnai Korean project

The "Ding9 Code" is a code developed by China, which has been used in all directions by the Chinese government in health care, finance, trade and real estate. It is a code that cannot be copied for counterfeit, It has become an authentication mark that prevents forgery. If this code is attached to an item device exported from Korea to China, Chinese consumers can easily check its authenticity through application and sellers can use big data for marketing as they can track consumers in China.  The biggest advantage is that quarantine inspections are conducted in Korea, and the passage of the Chinese customs office is quick. 

China Ding 9 SOFT POWER Limited (China CCIC Shareholder)

2018.11 MOU with A22

2019.04 Technology Workshop (Beijing Headquarter)


 ISO-MOTO Lamborghini Bike Project (B2B)

Lamborghini Bike Vietnam's local B2B business

Lamborghini Vietnam Import and Sales Corp. A partnership with Vietnam Mirae-Asset Finance Co., Ltd. Completion of HoChiMinh city Distributor Agreement. Contract completion of the A/S Center , which can cover the entire southern region. 

I-Motor Vietnam (isomoto Lamborghini Vietnam)
CEO: Hwang In-duk 
Start of sale: 2019.07


POS-DATA Project (B2G)

Tax collection data service 
 According to the Indonesian government's tax revenue transparency and financial guarantee policy, the company will install devices manufactured by A22MTI ('MTS200') at designated stores and provide real-time sales information for five years to receive $50 a month from local governments.

Business: Asia22 Indonesia, Inc.

Launch: 2019. 06

Branch Establishment: 2018-09


Digital Asset Bank Platform Development Project (R&D)

Digital Asset Management Platform required by the E-Finance

Digital assets exist in various forms, such as tokens, IC chips, and mileage. A platform that manages digital assets held by individuals or businesses and provides them with the ability to link or cash in investment products, just as banks that receive and lend banknotes and coins exist

A platform for making various transactions in the management of digital assets, such as cash advance service of digital assets, lending of digital assets, etc.


Business entity: IMCORE Co.,ltd.

CEO: Kim Yong-man

Contact me: +82-2-545-1926 

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