Byoungsuk Jun


University of Sydney, Master of Design Science
Team leader of HS Ad (formerly LG Ad) BTL marketing team
Director of Planning Team, CPM Marketing Korea

Kim Suk Je

English Literature at Sungkyunkwan University
An-Se account firm
CEO (SJ Tax Accounting Consulting)
Investment judge(Eunpyeong-gu)
Tax Office (Yeongdeungpo-gu) Committee for the Protection of Taxpays

Seo ohk seuk

Bank part / Manager


Business at Hongik University


Korea Medical INC. CFO

Sugar INC. CFO

KEB Hana Bank Manager

Hera Park



Department of History at Seoul Women's University 

Master's degree in TV/film at Sogang University's Graduate School of Science and Technology

Founder, DK Media Co,Ltd.

PolarisTV, CEO

Park Hong Sub



Department of Materials at Seoul National University of Science and Technology
CEO of Real Estate TV 
CEO of Digital-Jeju INC.
President of Korea Arts Center

Jung Won Hwa

Bank part / Manager

Yonsei University School of Law 

KCC Geumgang Goryeo Chemical

Hyundai Securities(Won-Ju branch)

Hana Pharmaceutical/General Manager

JDS Executive Director of Duty Free

Kim Yong-Man



History at Korea University

CEO of Interconmedia Inc.

EZPEX INC. Investment Master(Semiconductor / Patent Technology Part)

Thinmultimedia Inc. (USA)

Kim Tae Hoon
Technical patent/ Manager

Economics at Chosun University

Grid Media INC. Director

TMI director

Nuri -Telecom Team Leader

Solvics Technology Solutions Division  

Korea Digital Line Marketing Manager

Jay chang



Us citizen

Glendale city college graduate

Work in great ocean insurance agency 10 years  los angles

Work as owner of dj commercial insurance  los angeles 7years

Nemo partners international division director in korea 5years

New century finance company agent for 5 years

Mark Shin



Graduated from the English Literature at Korea University (1997)
KEARO / CEO (1999)
SPES INVESTMENT /Director(2015)

Lee Si Hwan

Bank part / Staff

St. John’s University

(The Peter J. Tobin College of Business), QUEENS, NY, USA

Han Jung Kyu

lawyer / Adviser

He majored in law at Korea University, became a lawyer, and studied real estate laws at graduate school. 
He served as a member of the Public Property Review Committee and a member of the Real Estate Evaluation Committee of the Songpa District Office 

Kho Takheui 

Head in Chinese branch

Youngnam University in Korea

President of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, Senior Vice President of the Beijing Korea Society,

President of Korea FJK

Kong woo taek

Head in Indonesia branch

Political Science at Joongang University 
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance
Dreamsys LTD.CEO
Woori Financial Capital Branch Manager

Hwang In Duck 

Head in Vietnam branch

Waseda University, Japan

(2 years of retire)
Ferruccio Lamborghini  Vietnam Representative
(Brand: Isomoto Ferruccio Lamborghini)